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Short stories, out takes, snippets and bloopers.

Just North of Reality


Cyana Britt Allen is the pen name for Cynthia Chie and Diana Osborn, authors. Just North of Reality is our Internet playground, a place where we can share some of the things we have learned while doing research for our writing. Feel free to look around.

Just North of Reality Blog

Bloggers: Cynthia Chie and Diana Osborn. This is where we share some of the research we do when writing a story. What you will find:

Sneaks & Geeks

Articles and blogs on technology, the military, government agencies & conspiracy theories.

Mythical, Mystical & Magical

Articles and blogs on eastern, western and new world mythologies, religions & magic (new and old).

Here & There

Articles and blogs on San Diego & Imperial Counties and other places we have escaped to.

Wanderings ~ Elfin's Adventures

Blogger: Diana Osborn. An expression of wonder for the natural world.

Adventures of the Dietarily Challenged

Blogger: Cynthia Chie. Living happily with food restrictions.


Non-Fiction: Resources and background materials that have inspired our creative minds.

Fiction: Some of our favorite authors that have inspired us.


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